Auxilium High School | Secunderabad

Past Pupils Association

The Alumni Association is the rallying center of the alumni school an is one of the units of the worldwide organization of the Past Students of the Salesian sisters of Don Bosco.

The objective of the association is three fold :

  • To foster and maintain among the past students the Salesian Family spirit.
  • To take an active interest in the welfare of the School.
  • To Educate the students the value of sharing.

We eagerly wait to hear from you. Be sure of our prayers for you and for all your dear ones. May God bless and grant you all your hearts desires. May He fulfill every one of your plans and make all your dreams come true.

VidesThis is the logo of the World Federation of the Past pupils. Every institution of ours has a local unit. Every student who leaves our Institution is enrolled into the World Federation of past pupils. The link that is established with them when they are in our school will be continued and strengthened through the Association of the Past Pupils. They leave us when they are in their adolescent period and that is the time they need to be accompanied in their growth process. Hence the relationship is maintained through meetings, encounters, phone calls, mail etc.

Contact the website of the World Federation of the Past pupils for further news.

Dear Past Students,

Please keep in touch with your school and keep us informed of your doings and achievements. We are in the process of updating the Auxilium School Alumnae Database. Hence I kindly request you to send your data with your recent photograph and mail it immediately to the address

Yours affectionately,

Sr. Rosily Theckanath