Auxilium High School | Secunderabad

Growth Groups:

All the students are provided opportunities for growth and development of their personality and talent through the weekly functioning of various groups and extra curricular activities. In activity groups, the young people feel a greater sense of belonging, feel to express their abilities and talents and develop them. In Salesian educational institutions the group is an indispensable methodological choice because it response to the needs and demands of youth.

The group responds to the need to belong and to be accepted through interpersonal relation ships. In responds to need to build one’s identity, the group offers experiences that promote responsibility, initiative, creativity and working together. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities are designed for the all-round development of the pupil, spiritual, Intellectual, Social, Cultural and Physical.

Growth in personality of the pupil includes all that enebles a girl or boy to become awere of his/her God-given talents and to develop them to their full potential for the glory of God and and the service of Sosiety. Opportunities are provided for curricular and xetra curricular activities such as a house syustem, It is, I who answer and look after you. (Hos 14:8) 10 camps, leadership training course etc. To enable the pupil to develop leadership qualities, organizational skills,self expression and character. Working together in a spirit of resiprocity and communion is strongly affirmed. All unhealthy competition and the strucheres which foster if are strongly discouraged.