Auxilium High School | Secunderabad

I have always loved roses not because they are merely beautiful but because they teach us many things.

“The rose blooms into beauty and fragrance and smiles, as  it is unconcerned with the thorns beneath it. The thorns can neither touch nor destroy the petals of the rose” says Sri Swamy Omkarandji. The rose remains blissfully unaware of the thorns, befriending the air,the sunshine and the nourishing the earth beneath .It does not react to the piercing presence of the thorns which can  tear the petals to pieces.

Like the roses that do not react to the thorns we should learn to compassionately ignore all those who want to hurt us. You know some of us constantly worry about the thorns inside us. Thus we may entertain fears, anxieties and worries- all quite unnecessarily. We have little self confidence in ourselves and underestimate the many gifts God has given us.

We should focus our attention on the beauty and fragrance that God has blessed us with    and not unduly worry about thorns, and then we will be grateful people who are able to praise and thank the Lord always. The Holy Bible says” It is good to give thanks to the Lord  and praise His holy name in the morning , in the afternoon and when the sun sets.”

It is not easy to lead such happy and contented lives. We should think of the Art that Meister Eckhart spoke of. The art of, Letting Go and Letting in God. This art may not be very easy but the outcome is a priceless one. The secret of deep and lasting peace. To gain this lasting peace the trigger that is needed is our self surrender, to be serene and peaceful people we need to make the right choices all the time. We need to accept people , circumstances and events as they actually are .Never try to influence people by means of violence of the heart. We may bring to bear on them only the power of love and forgiveness, acceptance and thanksgiving.

In daily life this attitude will mean that we must be non judgmental, do not argue or criticize and never be violent. Surrendering all that we are at the feet of God who is infinite Love.He never gives us the second best but always the best. This is the secret of serenity.

It is by no means easy. It is a gradual work of emptying of our own desires, plans aims and ambitions and peak in that joy of total abandonment The gift of prayer is one of the most essential gifts we should seek from God who is Love. We must beg “O Love, give me Love with which to love.”Secondly we must gently train our mind to focus on the subject of silent prayer. Seraphim of Srov says “Silence is strength. It is a gentle strength deep in the cave of our heart.” In that Silence we experience the Divine shining into our very being, not through images, not through our faculties but in the very depths of our souls. If we are wise we will understand that silent prayer is a time mostly for unselfish listening. Open to hear what God wants to tell us.

We can learn from the wisdom of Sri.Swamy Sivananda. Here are five of many simple rules he offers on silence: Cease chattering .Speak little. Observe silence daily for two hours. Retire in to a solitary place, feeling the presence of the Lord. Keep a day or half day each week for a Desert Day of Mindfulness. Plunge yourself into His luminous silence.