Auxilium High School | Secunderabad

The school uniform is to be worn in the proper manner whenever a student comes to school and for all school related activities, including those held outside the school.

Neatness and cleanliness in dress and person is insisted upon. The school reserves the right to send backs home, those who do not conform to the prescribed uniform and appearance code.

Uniform for Girls

K .G:  Cream  color shirt with red checks tie, red checks  pinafore  with red  socks with white border.

I to VI : Light cream with dark blue striped shirt and royal blue skirt

VII to X: Light cream with dark blue striped kurta , blue waist coat with royal blue salwar

Uniform for Boys

 K.G: Cream color shirt, royal blue shorts and  red socks with white border

I to VI: Light cream with dark blue stripes shirts and royal blue shorts

VII to X: Light cream with dark blue stripes shirt, royal blue trousers

Socks I to X: Navy blue socks with white border

Sports Uniform Boys:

Class I -VII White shorts & Shirt.Class VIII onwards white pants.

Sports Uniform Girls:

Class VIII – X White divided Skirts and Shirts. White Canvas Shoes with White Socks for all students. White lower and T-Shirts with, respective house colors are to be worn by the students from class 1- X on the day of activity.